A Little About Me

My name is Brittany. I’m a happily married, 27 yr old, stay-at-home, mother of 3 who also babysits from home. I’ve been with my husband for 7 yrs and celebrated our 2 yr wedding anniversary September 28. Our children are Brandon Jr (6 yrs old), Ryker (3 yrs old), and Amari (1 yr old). We live in Waxahachie, Texas although I was raised and graduated in the small town of Midlothian and him from Palmer. I’ve created this blog to help me keep in touch with myself as well as the outside world. I really just want a place to, sort of, crack a little window for people to see into my crazy, fun, love-filled, busy, emotional life. I want to share my journey through motherhood and marriage. I feel like I can relate to all types of people in one way or another. I want to share experiences that I have overcome that maybe someone else is going through, and write about how I overcame them. Hopefully, this idea I have for this, works and reaches out, and that something good can come from it. I want everyone to feel free to contact me about anything at anytime and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Please bear with me with any wait there might be due to my hands being as full as they are. However, this is something I am passionate about doing so it WILL be done.


7 thoughts on “A Little About Me”

    1. Aww thank you so much. I always feel like I need to write down whats going on or like I have a story to tell and now I’m able to do that.


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